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30" Pintail

30" Pintail

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100% USA MADE!

Environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Water proof. Durable.
A product that will last a life time; reducing the need to buy board after board, reducing your individual carbon footprint, reducing headache from products that fail. Spend less, buy less, ride more.

A small and fast surf style pintail design equipped with your choice of Gullwing or Paris trucks, ABEC 9 bearings and our signature 80A wheels, which reduce the risk of wheel bite and give you a smooth, easy ride. Unlike its wooden ancestors, the shape and recycled aluminum construction gives the board maximum mobility and optimum flexibility.

Deck made from locally sourced recycled aluminum
Gullwing trucks
ABEC 9 bearings
Rubber finger grommets
Rubber Vibration Pads
Protective end caps - from locally sourced recycled plastics.

Paris Trucks
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